Cuisinart Food Processor Reviews

History of Cuisinart
Cuisinart is usually the first name that comes to mind when thinking about food processors. There is good reason for this; Cuisinart is largely responsible for the proliferation of food processors throughout modern American kitchens. It all started when the founders of the company (the Sontheimers) went to a housewares show in France. The year was 1971 and the machine which most intrigued them was the Robot-Coupe. This device was very similar to modern-day food processors. The Sontheimers immediately realized this machine could greatly benefit the average American cook.

Two years of product development followed. The Cuisinart food processor was first marketed in 1973. It gained widespread acceptance once famed television chef Julia Child began to use it regularly on her show. Everyday cooks were now able to prepare elaborate, restaurant quality meals at home in less time than they ever imagined.

Many kitchen trends have emerged since the 1970’s. Several new kitchen appliances and other tools have hit the market, yet the food processor remains one of the most popular. This handy appliance has proved its usefulness time and time again. The Cuisinart brand has fared equally well throughout this time period. Has it stood the test of time due to simple name recognition or is it deserving of its top ranking within the industry?

Why Cuisinart?
Spend a little time reading reviews and you will realize this brand produces one of the best (if not THE best) lines of food processors. Reviewers marvel at the quiet, yet powerful motors. There is no sign of struggle when doing tough jobs such as kneading bread. The blades and discs are high quality and stay sharp longer than most brands. The varied accessory line allows cooks to get a lot of use out of these machines. The majority of reviews paint a picture of a well constructed machine capable of easily doing everything you expect from a good food processor.

Modern Style Meets Proven Reliability
Some companies lead the way in their field and then later seem to get stuck in the past, unwilling to accept the need to change as they go along. Cuisinart has not suffered this fate. They still utilize the proven reliability, power and durability of their food processors that has developed over the past four decades. This combines well with modern style and accessories to make a product that is still very relevant in modern kitchens. The finishes and shapes have changed along with the design tastes of today’s cooks and will find many reviews written by consumers who bought a Cuisinart for the design features and were very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the machine.

Choosing the Right Food Processor
There are many brands available and each of those normally manufacture several models. It is difficult to know which is best for you when only relying upon the information provided by those manufacturers. The best way to glean honest, unbiased information is through the use of consumer reviews. Reviews can provide insight that you won’t find anywhere else. Check out detailed Cuisinart food processor reviews here.